Linkin Park is really good and stands the test of time. Who wants to play Halo 1?

I just found a $20.

My legs are 1.5 times as thick as my abdomen. Just a little bit more and I’ll be Chun-Li.

I think my favorite street performer was the guy who just stumbled into the street, whipped it out and started peeing on traffic.

Show at the Stork tonight! 8 pm.

In Salt Lake City, the homeless people are better dressed than I am. This is the cleanest city I’ve seen.

I like the guy who tags “AIDZ” on everything in my neighborhood. Good handle. I wonder if he’s friends with “Cancer Carl.”

Beach Party! Ocean beach, staircase 18.

Unfortunately, “Beach Party!” was raided by the police. Too bad.

Beach Party! Ocean beach, staircase 18.