My legs are 1.5 times as thick as my abdomen. Just a little bit more and I’ll be Chun-Li.

I think my favorite street performer was the guy who just stumbled into the street, whipped it out and started peeing on traffic.

Show at the Stork tonight! 8 pm.

In Salt Lake City, the homeless people are better dressed than I am. This is the cleanest city I’ve seen.

I like the guy who tags “AIDZ” on everything in my neighborhood. Good handle. I wonder if he’s friends with “Cancer Carl.”

Beach Party! Ocean beach, staircase 18.

Unfortunately, “Beach Party!” was raided by the police. Too bad.

Beach Party! Ocean beach, staircase 18.

I’m pretty sure only about 40% of the facts on the internet are true, and even then, they’re only at most 90% true.

Huh, first time using a self car wash. Best hose ever. Who wants to go with me next time?